Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So if you know me very well which some of you may just be blog stocking (dont worry i do it all the time ha ha) but my passion is to travel, in june 2008 me my mom and my sweet sis went to europe of almost a month, it was the MOST AMAZING thing i have ever done!!!! We went to Rome Italy first then Florance and Venice, we then went to Salzberg Austria, Munich and Oberomergoa ( probably spelled wrong) Germany, Also went to a few places in Switzerland, then to a few places in France, and London Egland, and also the smallest country in the world it starts with an L but its not coming to me at the moment ha ha, so here are a few of my favorite pics, ill just show a few from each place cause i took literally thousands:) I hope they dont bor everyone to tears:)


Colby and Brittany said...

M-Cake! What cool pictures, I am with you, I think we need to go on another cruise ASAP! I love that picture of Beau! Your blog is super cute, continue with the updates! Love ya!

Jared and Cami said...

I totally second the cruise idea, I'm about due for another one!!! Love your Europe pics, we could always go there too!

The Stott's said...

Mom I am so proud of you! I love to see these fun pics! I was just trying to upload pics of our new beach house but can't get it to work? =( I wanna go on a cruise with you and to Europe! Can't your mom and dad just adopt me as the long lost daughter!?! Love you so much and miss ya!

Adam and Natalie said...

McCall!! I love you and Miss you!!!

The Toone's said...

Hi McCall! Cute blog! I just found you while blog surfing :) Now we just need to get Cam to do one!

The Stott's said...

You need to show TJ my cousins blog. He will LOVE it! Go to my blog and then click on the link under family bloggers Bo's Hunting Blog. Let me know!

Me and my honey

Me and my honey
Ok so i dont have any kids so i figure ill just posted what i love and that is to travel everywhere and anywhere!!!! this picture was taken on our family cruise after we had just finished climbing dunn's river in Jamica and we both look super hot not!!! i know its huge but i dont know how to make them smaller.

me and my girls

me and my girls
So friends I think we need to do this again that was one of my favorite trips ever (our senior trip)

Us swimming in the middle of the ocean on a sand bar hanging out with the stingrays, this scared the crap out of me, but it was really cool!!!