Thursday, December 10, 2009


I love Christmas!! I try to do as many Christmas things as possible, so I thought that making candy with my mom and sis would be a fun christmas activity, ya not so much ha ha, the cinnamon bears and raisen clusters were fine I guess, but the carmel and chocolate covered pretzels and regular carmels not so much, we obvisouly did not cook the carmel long enough and it was to soft and making a huge mess, so my mother decided to put them outside for a bit to see if they would harden, and she forgot and left them there all night, so we tasted them and they tasted like a handful of dirty snow YUCK!! I almost barfed!! I dont think we will be doing carmels again they are yummy but to much work and I guess its not worth it to us ha ha.

It has been forever since I have blogged, the holidays are so crazy. You would think since I am always sick that I would find sometime to blog right. This year T.J. and I decided we wanted to go cut our christmas tree down in the Uintah's, It was pretty fun, other than it was alot harder than I thought all the trees are such crazy shapes it was hard to pick one, after a few hours of hiking I finally gave in and we chopped one down, I think it turned out pretty cute! Last year Kylee helped me make these cute blocks im not so good at crafts but they are fun to have around sometimes, and of coarse my wreath I love this wreath its my most favorite and yes my very talented mom made it, but I did pick out the stuff all by my self, so I'm pretty proud of that!!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Last Month T.J. and I went up to Midway and stayed at the Homestead, it was so fun to get a way for a couple of days. When I was young my family used to go up and stay, I had for gotten how much I loved that place, T and I went to the Baja Cantina in Park City one night for dinner after I made T drive around because I love to look at the cute little houses up there, I had to take some pictures of my favorites.

We have almost been in our house for a year it's crazy it's gone by so fast, but I have been wanting to put my drapes up forever, but my mother is so extremely busy right now that it has taken almost a year to get these babies hung, but I love them, now all I need is a really funky paint color to go with them, I have been trying to talk T into letting me paint a dark purple, but he says "NO we have to sell this house one day and most people dont like purple walls", I love color though, so we will see who wins!!! ( Probably him ) :(


Look at my cute spider I got it at Swiss Days, I made my SPOOKY last year which is pretty impressive because im not a very crafty person, and my mom just through this wreath together for me one night, she is amazing!! Halloween is so much fun, I love everything about it, moms homemade doughnuts, chili, and her wonderful apple cider, I must say that I do hate Haunted Houses, they totally freak me out!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hey ladies lets do a girls night! Ok so kylee and I are planning an eventful night ha ha, dinner and thriller on Friday October 16th, fun huh? we are getting the tickets tomorrow night so we can all sit close to each other, so let me know asap if you would like to attend, its going to be a good time!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it LOVE!!

I love this quote i saw it on this blog i stock, its called rockstar diaries, check it out and let me know what you think.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ok so who has been to Swiss Days?? its so much fun, CRaZy but fun, maybe I just liked it so much because Midway reminds of Europe and I wish i could be there again, but im thinking this is the closest ill be getting right now! So anyway Britt invited me to go with her, and I should probably never go again because I spent way to much mula!!! These are only a few of the things I got, I will post my other goodies around Halloween when I put them in my yard they are so darling! When I got home and showed T all of my treasures all he said was "Well I could have made that for you in like and hour", which he totally could have, but when would he have the time for that, I have been asking him to make me some shutters since we have moved in, which will be a year in November, and ya I still don't have those yet ha ha funny boys they think they can do it all.

I have been looking for a really cute funky chair that i can recover for my bedroom, but of coarse when your looking for something it seems like you can never find it, anyway I came across this darling chair on ksl I just had to have for my front porch, the flowers aren't so great right now, but next summer I will plant some in it, and then it will make it really cute!!!

So we finally got grass yeah!!! But of coarse the day they went to put it in, it POORED rain, I felt SO bad, but I was very grateful for all my sweet brothers -in -law they were troopers, when they were about half done it finally cleared up, so that was good other than they were all soaking wet!! I love having grass it looks so much better. I know I need some plants too, hopefully we can run and get some soon to jazz it up a little;)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Every 24th of July our Family goes up to Island Park in Idaho with our close family friends the Butters they have a cabin on Bills Island, out of all the places we have been Island Park is one of our very favorite places to be on earth, as you can see it is so gorgeous, we sit out on the deck most of the days reading and talking and watching people tube and wakeboard. Every night we take a walk around the whole island it's beautiful!!!

This is my new baby Stella, I love cats, when i got married and moved out i missed my kitty but my fam wouldn't let me take babers, which i guess was ok cause i didnt want cat hair all over my house. One of my really good friends has a hairless cat and i love her, so i decided to get one and I love her like a baby, except i'm a mean mom and i got all her claws taken out because she kept digging at stuff and tj was freaking out, he acts like she is a nuesence, but he loves her, the second he gets home he says where is rat face (thats what he calls her mean huh!) she looks kinda freaky but she is so much fun!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My sweet little neice Hallie Boo is taking ballet from Miss Penny's school of ballet, and she had a ballet recital last week so me and my sister in law Kylee decide to go see her perform, she was so dang cute, she is going to be one of those naturally good dancers she did so good, we brought her some flowers cause i always remembered how fun it was to get flowers at my dance recitals!!

I have been really bad a blogging lately, but i few months ago I moved salons, it's still in Morgan just down the street from the old place, it's called Salon Roots and i love it, it is so much nicer than the last place i was and i really love all the girls i work, it has been a really good change:)

My family decided a little while ago to go to a derby at the Gloden Spike, it was super fun and of coarse T loved every minute of it i couldn't get his attention the whole night, he misses the derby days!! Lex and i got a little bored if you have ever been to a derby you know its a blast, but you also know it goes on FOREVER!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

OK!! so i'm kinda sorta dumb i seem to lose everything, i am always using Tjs phone to call mine cause it always seems to be miss placed its usually in my messy purse;) So awhile ago i bought an ipod and i put all my favorite songs on of coarse, and then it seemed to be missing i was sure i lost it or it got stolen ( well i guess i did lose it duh!!) so my sister was home for the weekend and we had just gone to breakfast and we were sitting out in the car waiting for my mom, and i was telling her how i just bought an ipod and then lost it and i was so upset , and then she pulls it out of no where and said here ya go, it was wedged in the seat and i would have never found it cause i never sit in the back seat of my moms car it must have fallen out of my purse, I was so relieved!!! If you have been on my blog latley you can see i don't have anything new and that is because i lost my camera ( of coarse) that i just got for christmas, i was dying, T thinks im so silly he just laughs, but he gets a phone call the other night and its Jake (Rees) and they had just moved up to the ranch; so when they were moving everything they found my camera under there couch cushion, dont ask how it got there probably fell out of my purse again, anyway i have my camera back and i have been taking lots of pictures and i will be posting them soon i promise, end of story;)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Alrighty, who is ready for BUNCO night again??? Bunco this month is at my house it will be on thursday May 14th at 7:00, i think the more people the better so if you would like to come call me or text me so i will know how many tables to set up. This month we are doing it a little different there will only be prizes for the most bunco's and the most wins, so i will get the prizes and then we will just all split the cost so i'm hopeing for a lot of people that way it will only be a few bucks, i hope to see everyone there bring a friend if you would like and a treat of coarse, just make sure to let me know if you are coming. It should be a good time, hope to see all my girls!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I love my nieces and nephews sometimes it gets a little crazy when we are all together, but we have so much fun!!! I love them all I am the annoying aunt that wont stop kissing them all the time:) Here are a few pics of some of them.

In November T and i decided to buy a house, we had been looking for a while and of coarse it had to be in Morgan so our choices where pretty limited ha ha, but this house seemed to meet most of the things we were looking for, Tj had to have a 3 car garage, it must be a guy thing, and i wanted 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, and a dishwashers ha ha i was so sick of washing the dishes like 5 times a day!!! so with some serious paint and some funk i hope we can be happy here for quite a while:)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So if you know me very well which some of you may just be blog stocking (dont worry i do it all the time ha ha) but my passion is to travel, in june 2008 me my mom and my sweet sis went to europe of almost a month, it was the MOST AMAZING thing i have ever done!!!! We went to Rome Italy first then Florance and Venice, we then went to Salzberg Austria, Munich and Oberomergoa ( probably spelled wrong) Germany, Also went to a few places in Switzerland, then to a few places in France, and London Egland, and also the smallest country in the world it starts with an L but its not coming to me at the moment ha ha, so here are a few of my favorite pics, ill just show a few from each place cause i took literally thousands:) I hope they dont bor everyone to tears:)

Me and my honey

Me and my honey
Ok so i dont have any kids so i figure ill just posted what i love and that is to travel everywhere and anywhere!!!! this picture was taken on our family cruise after we had just finished climbing dunn's river in Jamica and we both look super hot not!!! i know its huge but i dont know how to make them smaller.

me and my girls

me and my girls
So friends I think we need to do this again that was one of my favorite trips ever (our senior trip)

Us swimming in the middle of the ocean on a sand bar hanging out with the stingrays, this scared the crap out of me, but it was really cool!!!