Sunday, June 7, 2009

OK!! so i'm kinda sorta dumb i seem to lose everything, i am always using Tjs phone to call mine cause it always seems to be miss placed its usually in my messy purse;) So awhile ago i bought an ipod and i put all my favorite songs on of coarse, and then it seemed to be missing i was sure i lost it or it got stolen ( well i guess i did lose it duh!!) so my sister was home for the weekend and we had just gone to breakfast and we were sitting out in the car waiting for my mom, and i was telling her how i just bought an ipod and then lost it and i was so upset , and then she pulls it out of no where and said here ya go, it was wedged in the seat and i would have never found it cause i never sit in the back seat of my moms car it must have fallen out of my purse, I was so relieved!!! If you have been on my blog latley you can see i don't have anything new and that is because i lost my camera ( of coarse) that i just got for christmas, i was dying, T thinks im so silly he just laughs, but he gets a phone call the other night and its Jake (Rees) and they had just moved up to the ranch; so when they were moving everything they found my camera under there couch cushion, dont ask how it got there probably fell out of my purse again, anyway i have my camera back and i have been taking lots of pictures and i will be posting them soon i promise, end of story;)


Jared and Cami said...

I'm definitely ready for some pictures! Losing things is seriously the story of my life, it's even worse now that I have a Ava, I'm completely insane now. And yes I love my hair! I can actually do something besides wear it in a pony everyday...thanks! Let's get together soon!

Anonymous said...

Glad you found your camera... I hate it when I loose stuff. I miss ya girly!

The Stott's said...

ha ha! That sounds exactly like my best friend! Thanks for hanging out and doing my hair for me. It was so good to get to go to the temple together and play! I loved it! Christmas can't come soon enough this year! We'll do it all over again then. Love you!

Me and my honey

Me and my honey
Ok so i dont have any kids so i figure ill just posted what i love and that is to travel everywhere and anywhere!!!! this picture was taken on our family cruise after we had just finished climbing dunn's river in Jamica and we both look super hot not!!! i know its huge but i dont know how to make them smaller.

me and my girls

me and my girls
So friends I think we need to do this again that was one of my favorite trips ever (our senior trip)

Us swimming in the middle of the ocean on a sand bar hanging out with the stingrays, this scared the crap out of me, but it was really cool!!!